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  • phone us 1300 138 109

Cloud Computing at Dextralog

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Cloud Backups and Back Up Monitoring

Every year businesses may invest up to hundreds of thousands of dollars accumulating and entering data into their systems. This figure represents countless hours of labour and often irreplaceable information crucial to your business. It is uncomfortable to know that often many back-ups fail, and these failures often go unnoticed to staff members until it is too late. Furthermore, successful back-ups are susceptible to failing during the recovery process. At Dextralog we closely monitor your back-ups to ensure they are occurring as scheduled, and have not failed during the process. In addition, we can arrange periodic test restores to ensure the quality of back-ups, saving your business time and ensuring peace of mind over your data.

People all agree — It’s essential to back up your data!

Which method you choose to do this is your decision. This typically means you need to choose from a:

  • Web-based backup system,
  • Disk-to-disk backup system
But with Cloud Backups, your backups are set to backup your critical information on a pre-determined, recurring schedule.
Data remains secure even if your office or network experiences a disaster, be it manmade or natural.
Dextralog can recover your data in the event of damage to your network.

Never underestimate the importance of your business data.