Business Support and Server Installations

  • phone us 1300 138 109
  • phone us 1300 138 109

Computer Health Check

Your I.T. assets should be checked regularly.

Computer Checks & Clean Up's

Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal

An ever present nuisance which can be so damaging to your computers. Not only that but possibly malicious and dangerous to your business data integrity. Dextralog offer a full clean up service for:

  • viruses, trojans, keyloggers
  • spyware, adware, malware
  • pop-ups removal
  • hijackers
  • malicious scripts & programs
  • password recorders

Dextralog's IT support team are experienced professionals who specialise in offering sound advice to small and medium sized companies. Our list of clients include:

  • not for profit agencies,
  • dentists
  • accountants,
  • solicitors,
  • travel agents,
  • retail outlets,
  • restaurants,
  • consultancies,
  • veterinary practices,
  • funeral directors,
  • doctors’ surgeries,
  • charities,
  • real estate agents and many more.

Dextralog will ensure you are provided with the right level of guidance to ensure that your IT project is a success.

Optimise Your System
Dextralog IT Services offer experienced technicians who can optimise the performance of your PC or business network.
  • Reducing the start up and shut down times
  • Deleting unwanted files, pictures, videos and documents
  • Removing unnecessary background processes
  • Updating the system drivers and peripherals to protect against online threats
  • Installing missing updates and plug-ins
  • Installing and updating anti-virus software that is most compatible with your operating system
  • Clearing away temporary and start up files
  • Removing unwanted files and folders to free disk space
  • Repairing and updating operating system
  • Recovering and repairing corrupted files
  • Minimizing boot time of your system by optimizing start up programs
  • Removing unwanted toolbars and add-ons from your system
  • Performing registry cleaning to delete unused data
  • Installing programs to increase computer performance
  • Cleaning up and identifying disk errors on your pc
  • Optimizing the use of Internet Explorer for faster web browsing
  • Configuring your operating system by performing custom installation for best performance
  • Managing computer programs for faster processing